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Psychotherapy for all

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How we work

We propose therapies that are collaborative, where the client and the counsellor work actively together as fellow travellers. The counsellor engages a genuine relationship with the client, being empathetic, authentic, and non-judgmental. Our shared vision is that every person is unique, with his past history, his social and professional network, his personality, his emotional experiences, and we try to promote an actual well-being taking into account all these aspects. During our sessions, we can propose techniques and tools (see below) inspired by different theoretical and empirically grounded approaches and shaped on the person’s specific needs.



Our Ethic

In our team, we strive to create a safe and confidential environment.

We believe in teamwork and share the same professional ethical values and common policies. We follow the deontology code of our profession. The quality of our work relies on continuous training and clinical supervision that promotes client welfare and our professional development.


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